Exterior Desings

  • YEAR : 2016
  • LOCATION : Minsk, Belarus
  • CREATIVE DIRECTOR : Andrus' Bezden
  • VISUALIZATION : Sasha Hamolin

Take an active role in planning the look of your home exterior. Start by choosing a home that's similar to yours. Or upload a photo of your own home. Then, experiment with colors and materials to create custom combinations that only you - and Ply Gem, together - can produce.

Due to screen resolution limitations, product colors may not be exactly as shown. It is always important to consult a product sample before final selection. Must use with Desktop. Not responsive for mobile or iPad. There are several choices for the exterior of your home, but brick, wood and stone make some of the most visually pleasing. They also cost more than stucco or vinyl. You may decide, however, that the added cost is worth it thanks to their long-lasting qualities and aesthetic beauty.